Month: February 2010

Been 4 days since my last post on the subject and what has the SPX done- down 3 points. Sideways movement it certainly is.

Here is the updated VIX chart :

Vix-Spx Update
Still above my green trendline. I will stick to my prognosis for a side-ways to an up market for the near term.

Since this blog is all about inter-market relationships, I thought that it would be prudent to support my view with a chart of the US Dollar.

As you know that USD and Stocks tend to move in opposite directions on the graph, I put up this chart of the co-relation :

Usd Vix-Spx Update
And here are the trendlines I have been following on the USD index:

Dollar 28Thfeb Vix-Spx Update
Ever since the descending TL gave way in Dec, USD has been moving upwards, but confined within the two TL’s you see in the pic.

The lower TL will have to give way for the upmove in stocks to continue.


Vix-Spx Update

My last post here on this subject of the Vix called for a bottom in the Vix and a subsequent top in the index at 1146-1150 levels, levels which we have not seen since.

Let’s look at where the Vix is today after that post.Here is a YTD chart of the VIX:

Vix And The Spx-2
As you can see we are reaching complacency levels and it is the time to be careful in your stock selection.

Another look at the 10 year chart:

2010 02 23 Prophet Vix And The Spx-2Complacency yes…but still not quite there

The McCellan is showing that the index has some more to go on the downside and we are not below my green line again.

So we will be here on the index for some more time…maybe flat to up but no major downside anytime soon.


Vix and the Spx-2

Oifor9Thfeb Open Interst Data From 9Th Feb
Here is the Open Interest table at the end of day trading on the 9th of Feb.

Put writers have taken the Open Interest at strikes 4600, 4700 and 4800 each between 4.4 and 4.8 Million shares by adding roughly about 10 % at each strike.

Infact total calls lots reduced by 3450 lots wheres put lots increased by 37450 lots day on day.

However the additon of 14.5% at 4800 in call Open Interest, indicates a tussle at this strike and the move to 4900 may not be very smooth for the bulls.

In other news, watch the news coming out of Greece tomorrow. There are rumours of a bailout by Germany flying around, yet unconfirmed at 11.30 pm IST, but may have an influence of direction tomorrow.


Open Interst data from 9th Feb

So the touch of the 200 DMA did not happen today…But it is still in play as long as the market is below 100 DMA at 5015 and does not close above it.

What I wanted to bring to your attention today is the Bear Flag I have been watching on the Nifty for the past several days.

2010Feb S26Pcnxnifty Bear Flag Alert !!

The market conclusively broke out of the flag on the 5th and is now heading for a retest at 4860-4875 levels.

The pole at 5300 and the flag retest at 4875 levels, give this bear flag a reward of 425 points, which should put this market at 4450, should the pattern work-out.

Entry : At 4860- 4875.

Stop Loss : 4900

Target : 4450 or 425 points from the flag end.

Time frame : 15 sessions  from touch of 4875.

Pit falls : We have the 200 DMA at 4650 which should produce a bounce.Also seasonality wise, we are entering the budget build-up sessions which are known to be bullish.



Bear Flag Alert !!

My query in yesterday‘s post got answered by the action in the Nifty today, but the end of the day left behind another question about the range we find ourselves in.

Whilst the data was very clear yesterday about a down day in the markets today, I am not very comfortable in putting forward a view for tomorrow as the data throws up ambiguity.

Yesterday at the highs of 4940-4949 it was clear that the generals of the army- Reliance, State Bank of India and Infosys were not in a mood to go higher, today each was touching it’s day lows as the Nifty was moving southwards.

Coming back to the Open Interest table:

Oi4Thfeb1 Oi Data From 4Th FebWhat favours the bulls:

a) Exceptionally high OI of 7.4 million shares at 4800.
b) 48 K put lots were added today against 26 k call lots ( big diff from yesterday)

What favours the bears:

a) Addition of 38% and 26 % at strikes 4900 and 4800 in Call OI.
b) Bulls moving the defence line to 4600 by adding 11 % at 4600 today.

The addition at 4600 of 11 % by put writers may be sending us the message that 4800 may crumble and if it does then we reach 46xx levels in no time.

Important levels to watch for downside tomorrow are 4765-4785. Upmoves can be considered only above 4865-4870.


OI data from 4th Feb

Oi3Rdfeb Open Interest Data From 3Rd Feb
Tuesday they took it down, wednesday they brought it up by an equal measure.

What’s in store for us tomorrow? Data is pointing towards a market tomorrow, which may go down again.

After the inability to take out 4949 today ( which frankly I expected) stocks may open down tomorrow. Data posted on the blog in the afternoon and the one we have now at EOD, show the strike at 4900 increasing the call side OI ( bearish) and reducing the put side ( bullish).

Furthermore, between strikes 4400 and 5400, about 21963 call lots ( bearish) were added today whereas the same strikes witnessed a reduction in Put OI of 31343 lots ( bearish again).

The range remains 4800- 5000 as highlighted. Look for shorts below 4897 and longs above 4945.


Open Interest data from 3rd Feb

Oiintra Oi For 3Rd Feb- Intra Update
A quick intra day update at 12.45 pm to discuss the positions taken by smart money.

IMO, the move from yesterday’s lows is not over yet.

Notice the declining OI ( in yellow) of the call writers and the increasing OI of the put writers.

There is a good chance we will see 4980-90 later today.


OI for 3rd Feb- Intra update

It was an interesting day in the markets and the sell-off today would have caught many a person off-guard.

I was very interested to see what the Option Open Interest table would show at the end of the day, so I had a look at it. Here it is…

Oifor2Ndfeb Oi Data For 2Nd Feb
The data shows accumulation by put writers of about 33% at 4800, bringing the open Interest there to 6.96 million shares.The immediate posiibility is that of a strong support at current prices, but one must not discount the possibility that should prices hold below 4785, it will bring a strong swift move to the 200 DMA currently around 4600 levels.

The largest call OI base is at 5000 strike with 5.18 million shares.This will be a big resistence for the market to overcome should the levels around 4940+ be seen again.

The range of 4800-5000 has remained the same despite the sell-off today.

One should be playing for the bounce tomorrow.


OI data for 2nd Feb