Month: September 2010

In the markets Buyers make money, Sellers make money–it’s the pigs who get slaughtered !

Definition of a Pig : Greedy short term player, looking for small profits with big risk and no knowledge of the markets.

At yesterday’s close we had mentioned that the buildup at 6000 CE which was around 24L was speculative and certainly not smart money.

By Afternoon the CE buildup at 6000 CE was another 22 Lakhs, and that’s where it was evident that the market would go for the kill.

…And Viren unleashed his now famous Option call.

 at around 1.40 pm. ( in the comments of the previous post)

The result- All the 22 lakhs added intraday covered  +  another 20 Lacs from yesterday evident in the final OI figure at the 6000 CE which stands at 56 Lacs now against the 76 Lacs yesterday.

To the uni-initiated, the purpose of writing a call is to gain from time decay in a side-ways market.You don’t write an option with one day to go.

There is no time factor in an option set to expire the next day…

Anyways here are the charts for October : 

Nifty2 Slaughterhouse

The two yellow lines are where the seller operates from.The lower single yellow would be the support

Even today, when the market reached the top end of the Vix range estimated in last night’s post. it sold off.

Bn3 Slaughterhouse

The Bank Nifty has done the 80 % rule twice this week.Getting above 12405, it climbs even higher.

Risk in that position can now be easily managed at 12305.

Have a great October trading the markets. Be a Buyer, even a seller, don’t be a pig.

Stay informed.



With one day remaining for the September series to close, the action would be around the 6000 strike in the Nifty with a total of 1.5 Cr in Combined Open interest at stake.

I had mentioned last time when we covered the Open interest before expiry, that smart money tends to move to the next month for all hedges, a few days before expiry and any big changes in Open interest on the penultimate day or even the day of expiry has to be greedy speculative money who inevitably get slaughtered.

We saw it happen last time when the market moved around the 5500 strike killing the CE writers who had built a substantial open Interest the previous day.

Let’s look at what’s happening at 6000 strike from the past five sessions in Sept and in Oct too.

Oi2 September Expiry

The PE writers added more at 6000 than CE writers today in October clearly indicating that the build-up in CE OI at 6000 Sept  is speculative and may not be smart money.

The range indicated by VIX formula comes to 6064-5931 for tomorrow.

5961 is the developing Value high for the month and 5947 a previous HVN which has supported price in the past.

It’s doubtful whether we will see a large movement below 5961-5947

6040-6047 still remains the zone where the seller operates from and any move back to that point will be used for more selling.

In Sum, the market looks like it will auction around 6000 tomorrow.


September Expiry

A quite day of trading turned volatile in the afternoon resulting in the Nifty giving up all of it’s gains made at the open.

We anticipated the open up, booked our overnight longs from Friday and even took a short trade to the downside.

Afterall it was a Market profile 3 I- follow up day, one whioh plays out with an 85-95% probability rate as my fellow traders in the Trading room are discovering.

Have a look at the chart :

Chartofniftyu0 Nsf3 Eod Report 27Th Sept

We spoke on Friday about a high being printed before 10.30 am.

Nothing magical, just pure observation and practical application of Market profile!

In the Bank Nifty, we were even more happier to book out longs from Friday at 10350, a sweet gain of 90 points for an overnight hold.

Chartofbankniftyu0 Nsf3 Eod Report 27Th Sept

As Shai says, Market Profile is much more than knowing three values on a chart everyday.

If knowing VAL, VAH, POC has helped you, just imagine the difference it will make to your trading if you know how to employ the other practical concepts behind Market profile in trading everyday.

Join the Trading Room to find out !


EOD report 27th Sept

It’s been a long day in a market which has been generous to us today.

I was going through the trades we have done in the past two weeks to iron out chinks.

One statistic which caught my attention has been the performance we churned out in the Bank Nifty.

We made a lot of heads turn, when we said that the Bank Nifty was more suited to our style of trading.You have to be quick, it’s volatile, it’s risky were some of the adjectives which were thrown

The Bank Nifty has changed a lot from the time the regulator made it into a 25 point size, bringing much needed liquidity to the index. I still remember the times when the bid-ask spread was so huge, one could drive a truck through it !

Anyways here’s the chart :

Bntrading Bank Nifty Trading

We trade in this index when we find a good trade location with risk easy to manage.

Our win/ loss record is 12/3 for the past seven sessions we took trades on this index with a return of 486 points. In the same period the Bank nifty has moved from 11900 on the 14th to slightly above 12300 today for a total range of 400 points only !

The best part of the whole exercise is that in the trading room we have individuals who were calling out trades by themselves today.Our first trade this morning was noticed by and called by people from our trading room.Our Live charts with our system of trading engraved are delivering results and we are happy with that.

So it is not us who are getting these points in, it’s the system of trading we employ in Market Profile which gives the results !

If you are not in Vtrender Live, you are certainly out of a lot !!


Bank Nifty Trading

Heading into the open, we were very clear on what the bias of the day should be.

Yesterday after about 2 weeks and 500 points of an upmove, we had seen range extension on the downside and were willing to speculate that step 2 was done and we were in early stages of step 3.

We also had a balanced profile from 2 days back to shore up that claim.

Chartofniftyu0 Nsf2 Eod Report 23Rd Aug

The Nifty broke down 2 times from the IB low of yesterday before finding support near the HVN at 5945 which will be a big refernce point into tommorow’s action.

5990 and 5947 given in my mid-day update both served their purpose today and would be useful tomorrow as well.

Chartofbankniftyu0 Nsf2 Eod Report 23Rd Aug

The BN gave a very good demo again for the 80% rule first up in the morning, netting us a sweet 40 points to begin the day. Later On, a trade taken below value in the same index fetched us another 70 points in trade profits.

The index is still within range of the past three days and we are looking forward to a break for some good trade opportunities.


EOD Report 23rd Aug