Month: March 2012



It's been a little over 18 months, since we started the trading room at Vtrender which we call Vtrender Live.


Our purpose was very simple- To provide you real time streaming charts which could explain the role played by Buyers and Sellers in the marketplace as also to provide to you a platform which could answer all questions you would have had about the market in real time.


It's been a learning and a growing curve for us. We started with a simple display of charts, introduced automated alerts in the room and outside to your phones, started 4 new instruments at the MCX and in the process moved from a 9- 3.30 pm offering to a 9- 11.55 pm one currently.


Throughout all that, we worked diligently to keep costs under control whist investing in network infrastructure and technology platforms.We've now reached a stage where we have to consider an increase in the subscription costs to ensure that you continue to enjoy the same value proposition as before whilst we continue to strengthen and re-invest for the future.


Effective April 2nd, 2012, our new rates to the Trading room will be as under :


  • Monthly subscription –                 INR 5600/-
  • Quarterly subscription-               INR 14999/-
  • Annual subscription-                   INR 45999/-


You will continue to enjoy all the services you have been used to through this time as well as a few more we will introduce through this year.


Let me quickly clarify here, that this increase does not affect our existing subscribers and those on a current plan with us.If your current plan is running out in the next few weeks, you can  top up before 31st March and enjoy our current rates.


For new subscribers, the increase kicks in only on April 2nd.


If you have been contemplating on joining our Trading room, you still have a window of 8 days to join us at current rates.



Change in rates

One of the things I look forward to everyday is to interact with our wonderful community at Vtrender in the trading room. The joy of clocking a good trade increases manifold when I know that there are several others who have made the same good trade.


The markets are our primary focus and I take a lot of pride in having real time communication with our subscribers whilst looking at streaming charts on the screen.


At Vtrender it's always been  about getting this communication going, and we always felt that we were more than just sending buy/ sell signals to all.


Come to think of it, it would have been very easy and simpler, but in the financial world we live in, we felt it was  better to not just send alerts on the markets at important points, but also give you the opportunity to login and see for your self how the market and the alert was playing out, besides giving you a window to ask any question if you had on the market or other wise.


Here's a look at the charts we keep in the room-


11 Our Trading Room


A closer look at the same screen through the chat window which helps you communicate with us in real time.


13 Our Trading Room


I do chat a lot in the room and try to offer a real time perspective to the market action as it unfolds.


Trust me, it's not easy to do that in real time, but our winning methodology ensures that we look at the markets objectively and understand what the buyer and the seller is doing.We restrict ourselves to only one methodology- Market profile, as it helps to uncomplicate matters and has answers to all the questions thrown by the market. Somebody once said- If you want to cross these Oceans, ensure that you have both legs in one boat only.


Here's a look at what transpired in the room yesterday. Just some of my comments.

12 Our Trading Room


Our Trading room

In our last update using the composite charts we had posted on Monday-


That vwap band is currently extended at 2 standard deviations off mean which give a 5 % probability to  a new move below current lows.So a small pull back may be due here.


Today's charts show that the pull back worked out perfectly in the "reversion to the mean" trades we have been tracking.


Vtcompo 1 1 Composite Update


These kind of trades work best when the market is balancing or is not in a trending mode.


The chart above shows a composite POC in white which is flat and the orange vwap line again flattening.


Today's close brings the market back to it's mean price and the open tomorrow will have cues for the market to stay above or below this all important reference point.


Vtcompo Bn 1 Composite Update


The BN profile shows a move above the vwap lines , but it was a spike in the last hour of the day which made it possible.


Spike rules apply in BN at the open tomorrow.

Composite update