Month: May 2012

The Performance charts have been updated.


In a dry month of April where the NF remained in a range of 240 points, we are happy to report a net 319 point gain on the first lot traded and a further 311 points if you had traded with a second lot.


In the BN, which traded in a 700 point range all month, we managed 987 points on the first lot traded.


That's not all, if you are a trading room member and make a bit of effort trying to understand our methodology you can make a lot more entries and generate profitable exits as our members are currently doing.


All you need is a bit of patience,  a thick skin to not get ruffled by a few whipsaws here and there and give it a longer rope as over time the results will work in your favor.Discipline is the key to whatever we do in our life, more so in trading.


Today's charts once again show how easy it is to pick the trend of the market, if you follow Profile.



All you need to know is understand where value was created yesterday and what the market is doing with regards to that.


Value is known through the VAH/ POC/ VAL printed on the charts. They are also updated in the FDN loaded every day here : FDN


Next you need to know what the market is doing currently. This is the more "current information" and keeps your trading relevant to the changes happening.


VWAP is volume weighted average price and DPOC is the day's developing point of control and represents the day's highest traded volume point.


As the chart shows once the market broke from DPOC away, the value areas came into play immediately and it was easy to formulate a trade based on rejection of vwap/ dpoc subsequently.


Here's the NF :



Again same principle.


As long as price was around DPOC, the market was in a no trade mode. Once the break happened, immediately reference lines shifted to the previous day's values.


DPOC's/ POC's/ HVN's represent areas where the market likes to trade and give ample time for us to assess and make an entry.


Anomalies/ LVN's/ single prints on the other hand represent areas where the market dos not like to trade and prices get rejected quickly from there.

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