Month: July 2012

*** Shai **, Welcome to the Vtrender conference room!
[08:45] Pasi C: GM all
[08:49] J C: GM folks!!
[08:52] Vicky M: GM everyone 🙂
[08:53] r m: Good Morning folks!
[08:53] Pasi C: HI JC,vicky
[08:53] Pasi C: Hi rm
[08:53] r m: Hi Pasi, JC, Vicky 🙂
[08:53] Vicky M: Hi rm 🙂
[08:56] J C: HI Rm, Pasi:-)
[09:00] Sreeram N: Gm all
[09:00] Bipin N: GM foks
[09:00] r m: Hi SN, Bipin 🙂
[09:00] Sreeram N: Hi rm
[09:01] Sreeram N: I think lot has changed rm with charts
[09:03] r m: Yes SN, Shai keeps innovating 🙂
[09:04] r m: USD in a hurry to go soewhere
[09:04] Sreeram N: ya
[09:05] Shai C: GM all
[09:05] r m: Hi Shai 🙂
[09:06] Vicky M: GM Shai 🙂
[09:06] Sreeram N: Gm Shai
[09:07] Shai C: GM Vicky
[09:07] Pasi C: GM shai
[09:07] Shai C: GM Sreeram. Welcome back
[09:07] Sreeram N: Thanku
[09:07] Vicky M: Jai Sreeram 🙂
[09:08] Rahul Goel: Hello all GM
[09:08] Vicky M: Hi Rahul
[09:08] J C: Shai…pls post ysterday's chat…
[09:10] Rahul Goel: Hello vicky
[09:10] r m: Hi Rahul 🙂
[09:10] Rahul Goel: hello rm
[09:12] Shai C: JC, I forgot
[09:13] Shai C: goes in the bin at the close
[09:13] J C: cool
[09:14] Sreeram N: rm wat is that algo means
[09:14] Sreeram N: how should we read it
[09:14] r m: algo trade
[09:14] Pasi C: ALGO=all go
[09:15] Shai C: open is good
[09:15] Sreeram N: all go which way ??
[09:16] Pasi C: can u see ALGO at 5265 in NF @sreeram?
[09:16] r m: some high volume trades which occured in a very short span of time, direction is revealed only after some time 🙂
[09:16] Sreeram N: ya
[09:16] Sreeram N: k thanks pasi
[09:17] Pasi C: market opened up and ALGO says yes go
[09:17] Pasi C: but ignore open ALGO's sreeram
[09:17] Sreeram N: kk
[09:23] Pasi C: if ALGO's in both BN &NF move is more accurate@sreeram
[09:24] Shai C: 2 ref points in the IB hours are 5260 and 5280
[09:24] Shai C: yesterday 5262 was the algo and ref point which drove the mkt lower
[09:24] Shai C: 5280 is gap fill
[09:24] Shai C: sorry lower gap
[09:25] Kris 123: GM All 🙂
[09:25] r m: H Kris 🙂
[09:25] Kris 123: Did any one remember me for the 5300CE trade? 🙂
[09:25] Sreeram N: HI Kris
[09:26] Bipin N: yes Kris
[09:26] J C: @Kris…do u have ystrdy chat script…
[09:26] Bipin N: a 43
[09:26] Bipin N: at
[09:27] Kris 123: Hi Rm, SN, Bipin, JC 🙂
[09:27] Kris 123: @JC – it is posted at vtrender na?
[09:27] Kris 123: hmm.. looks Shai did not post it yesterday!
[09:27] J C: nope…shai forgot to save it ystrday…
[09:27] Kris 123: he did not even tell me 🙁
[09:28] Kris 123: I had it – till I logged out!
[09:28] J C: k…np
[09:28] Pasi C: what's that O abv D in NF shai?
[09:28] r m: Open drive (so far)
[09:29] Shai C: yes open drive
[09:29] Kris 123: GM Shai 🙂
[09:29] Sreeram N: Kris buy SL in nifty
[09:31] Kris 123: @SN – I bought some 5300CE between 40-43 yesterday at close – part booked now at 50 – and remaining I want to hold for some time.
[09:32] Sreeram N: No kris I want to know the SL for NF I want to buy it & thinking about OF
[09:33] Shai C: Buy only abv 5280
[09:33] Kris 123: well – we are trying to get into VAH – not a nice thing – suddenly NF might want to do 80%
[09:33] Sreeram N: kk Shai
[09:34] Shai C: sl will be 5260, tgt 5299/ 5320
[09:36] Shai C: 5276 was also the pre IIP high
[09:36] Shai C: hence but abv gap low point only makes sense
[09:36] Shai C: mkt can choose to rotate today in the range of yesterday
[09:37] Shai C: however globe is slightly bullish today after consecutive down days
[09:38] Rahul Goel: shai gap low point was 5280 yesterday
[09:39] Shai C: yes
[09:44] Shai C: Bn has started doing well…abv pdh now
[09:45] Shai C: 10782/ 10842 are the obj on any buy signal
[09:45] Kris 123: @Rm – yesterday when NF was closing – globe was bleeding – euro at the lows – es doing bad – I bought CE – thought Master would say good work 🙁
[09:45] Shai C: I did say Good work
[09:45] Shai C: 🙂
[09:45] r m: maybe your movement made the master supicious of a call from you know where 😀
[09:46] r m: *suspicious
[09:47] Rahul Goel: both buys comming at the same time
[09:47] Shai C: keep it abv 5281-82 only to be safe
[09:48] Kris 123: @Shai – when? I could not find it 🙁
[09:48] r m: @Kris, he did man, I am a witness 🙂
[09:48] Kris 123: today morning?
[09:48] r m: yesterday
[09:49] Kris 123: ok – now I understand why yesterday chat scripts are not posted at vtrener 🙁 :):)
[09:49] r m: lol
[09:49] Kris 123: *vtrender
[09:52] jiignesh -: GM all
[09:53] r m: @Vicky, have you tried Final tools for market profile?
[09:53] r m: Hi Jiignesh 🙂
[09:53] jiignesh -: hi r m
[09:53] Vicky M: @rm no i haven't.. 🙂 its on the same site?
[09:53] r m:
[09:53] r m: 7 days free trial, it is extremely easy to us
[09:54] r m: USD250 one time cost
[09:54] jiignesh -: @shai any update for BN?
[09:54] Vicky M: @rm thanks
[09:55] r m: welcome, will redirect your thanks towards ST 🙂
[09:55] Vicky M: lol
[09:55] Shai C: BN can be held with SL at day low
[09:55] jiignesh -: buy with today's low sl
[09:55] Shai C: yes
[09:56] jiignesh -: ok
[09:56] jiignesh -: need gold-silver chart for 30 min
[09:58] jiignesh -: @shai
[10:01] Pasi C: MP chart:volumes will be accumulated to the existing blue bar if price reaches back to those(see the blue bar at 10700 )?@shai
[10:02] jiignesh -: @shai silver chart is mini
[10:02] jiignesh -: ???
[10:02] Shai C: no it's silver
[10:02] jiignesh -: then refresh data
[10:03] Shai C: Yes Pasi
[10:03] jiignesh -: prev day high was 53300 not 52300
[10:03] Rahul Goel: shai i think this is another contract for silver
[10:04] Shai C: let me check
[10:04] jiignesh -: prev day low was 52202 and high 53300
[10:04] Pasi C: 9:45 10:15 seems not extending the range
[10:07] Shai C: correct chart now
[10:07] jiignesh -: now correct
[10:07] Shai C: regret the confusion
[10:07] jiignesh -: 😀
[10:08] Rahul Goel: pasi wht does that suggest
[10:09] Pasi C: longs need not worry @Rahul
[10:12] jiignesh -: OH this BN
[10:12] Pasi C: another 3 min to IBL
[10:12] Pasi C: another 3 mins to IB
[10:14] Shai C: sign of worry in BN is only when VAH breaks
[10:15] jiignesh -: ok
[10:15] Pasi C: an ALGO is due in  BN now to take up
[10:18] Deepak C : gm all, @shai, what is that faint grey line at 5272
[10:18] Pasi C: u have good eye sight Deepak  🙂
[10:20] Deepak C : chasma aa gaya hai pasi !
[10:21] Pasi C: 🙂
[10:22] r m: Hi Deepak :
[10:22] r m: 🙂
[10:22] Deepak C : hi rm
[10:31] Pasi C: any results on monday?@rm
[10:32] Shai C: deepak that's the min qulaification line for a bullish day. Still expirimenting hence not highlighted
[10:33] Pasi C: [09:36] Shai C: mkt can choose to rotate today in the range of yesterday
[10:34] Shai C: * qualification
[10:34] Pasi C: exiting BN  longs due to big IB and we r at almost High of IB
[10:35] Shai C: Hmm Pasi- good thought process
[10:36] Pasi C: Thx shai
[10:39] Kris 123: @Shai – playing for 80% in NF is not correct?
[10:41] Sreeram N: Kris is u playing for 80% in NF
[10:42] Dr Bansal *: shai,NG chart.
[10:43] Kris 123: @SN – yes
[10:43] Sreeram N: Thanks Kris I am on ur side
[10:44] Sreeram N: my trgt poc
[10:45] Kris 123: @SN – adding a popcorn player on your side will not improve the weight on your side – please consider adding Shai/Janak etc. 🙂
[10:46] Sreeram N: they will add only when I exit to make a fast move
[10:46] Kris 123: I guess a quiet day unfolding.
[10:47] Kris 123: activity will come for weekend positioning I guess.
[10:47] r m: inflation numbers expected at 1200 hrs
[10:47] Deepak C : thnx for ur answer [10:32] Shai C: deepak that's the min qulaification line for a bullish day. Still expirimenting hence not highlighted
[10:53] Shai C: thanks RM
[10:53] Shai C: overlooked that one
[10:54] Shai C: those are Subbu's pets
[10:54] r m: 🙂
[10:54] Pasi C: anything from subbu disappoints markets
[10:57] Pasi C: shai can we have single prints record on daily  basis
[10:59] Vicky M: i think 5266 to 5256 is single print
[11:02] r m: only up to 5261 has remained single print now, 5262 was printe in F bar
[11:02] Vicky M: @rm thanks
[11:02] r m: welcome
[11:04] r m: looked at it with a microscope, 5263 was the low of F bar 😀
[11:06] Vicky M: lol
[11:13] Shai C:
[11:13] Shai C: big seller in BN 10720
[11:15] Pasi C: where do u see that seller OF still green@shai
[11:15] Vicky M: @pasi 🙂 shai has x-ray eyes
[11:16] r m: 🙂
[11:16] Pasi C: 🙂
[11:28] Shai C: BN has covered yesterday's gap and NF below it
[11:35] Kris 123: [10:39] Kris 123: @Shai – playing for 80% in NF is not correct?
[11:35] Kris 123: with vwap band and poc near – let me cover part here – from 5275 – peanuts – but better than nothing – isnt it? 🙂
[11:36] Shai C: that 10720 guy will cover here 10690
[11:36] Pasi C: [11:15] Pasi C: where do u see that seller OF still green@shai
[11:37] Shai C: Pasi working back end with some variations of POC
[11:37] Shai C: dpoc had moved up at 10720, rest was to identify the kind of volume
[11:38] Pasi C: ok.But no big volumes at 10720!
[11:39] Shai C: check 1 min chart
[11:39] Shai C: also blue in the MP chart
[11:39] Shai C: the mkt has gone to locals now
[11:40] Shai C: OTF may come again nearer to the close
[11:40] Pasi C: ok
[11:45] Sreeram N: @Kris I got my popcorn now its turn off heavyweights like u
[11:56] Pasi C: BN buy call over  or still valid?@shai
[11:57] Shai C: still valid
[11:57] Pasi C: ok
[11:58] Shai C: Buy came at 705, needs a bigger sl as it is swing trade
[11:58] Pasi C: ok
[11:58] Shai C: pp0 or day low is the right stop
[11:59] Shai C: Viren is recommending calendar spreads on twitter
[11:59] Shai C: with 2 weeks to go, calndar spreads are a great time eating tool with risk covered
[12:00] Shai C: work  well in low to moderately volatile mkts
[12:01] Shai C: a 5300 put expiring near 5300 should give a 50 % return
[12:01] Shai C: same way a 5200 call can also give about 50
[12:02] Shai C: I mentioned yesterday that if the mkt does not close abv 5299, we are looking at a 5180- 5280 range for a few days
[12:03] Pasi C: if the mkt does not close abv 5299         yesterday/today?
[12:05] Shai C: then the mkt just goes to increase the value area
[12:06] Shai C: in other words tries to balance in other regions
[12:14] r m: all silent on inflation front, maybe govt has banished inflation 🙂
[12:16] Pasi C: how come rm
[12:16] r m: no news about it na 🙂
[12:17] Pasi C: how come they banish
[12:17] r m: just joking
[12:17] Pasi C: ok
[12:38] Jiignesh  -: shai BN ko thoda push karo
[12:39] Jiignesh  -: if short comes on flat OF then that wil be dengerous
[12:41] J C: June trade defcit at $10.3bn …down from 414-15bn…pos for rs
[12:42] J C: $14-15bn
[12:59] Shai C: the seller is strying to show up on this rise in Bn again
[13:08] Shai C: 140 contracts sold at 10730
[13:08] Shai C: short covering will bring 10780 in a jiffy
[13:09] Shai C: the initiative buyer seen at the open is considered stronger than this responsive seller
[13:09] Shai C: If he steps up now, then this seller will close
[13:12] Pasi C: ok seller showing
[13:16] Jiignesh  -: ye 730-35 pe kon betha he
[13:19] Shai C: is big no doubt
[13:19] Jiignesh  -: thats y i told u to push
[13:20] Vicky M: @shai let me know when i have to move from 10730 :p
[13:20] Shai C: 140 contracts on this one
[13:20] Shai C: Oh Vicky so it is you!. My world is becoming smaller
[13:20] Pasi C: dumb question: even a retailer can sell 140 contracts shai
[13:20] Jiignesh  -: @vicky ye galat he yaar 2paise hame bhi milne chahiye
[13:20] r m: lol
[13:21] Vicky M: lol
[13:21] Shai C: Yes pasi 140 contracts would require about 40 lakhs of capital
[13:22] Pasi C: 🙂
[13:22] Jiignesh  -: so pasi is trading 140 contract its no more secret
[13:22] Pasi C: then its a big order
[13:22] Pasi C: lol not even 4% of that Jiignesh
[13:23] Jiignesh  -: lol
[13:23] Pasi C: JG must be
[13:23] Jiignesh  -: kya baat he
[13:23] Shai C: Retail will not put so much at stake in one trade
[13:23] Jiignesh  -: i never dream that big
[13:24] Pasi C: why we didnt get ALGO on that seller shai
[13:24] Shai C: if you are off by 50 points, the loss can be 5%
[13:24] Jiignesh  -: thats not true shai, some retaiers do
[13:24] Shai C: yes Jiignesh HNI's do
[13:24] Shai C: Pasi, algos are bigger
[13:25] Jiignesh  -: and profit will be also 5% na
[13:25] Shai C: this guy is covering near vwap/ pdh
[13:25] Vicky M: algos are like 200 lots in nifty ?
[13:25] Jiignesh  -: 200??? thats nit
[13:26] Jiignesh  -: not bug
[13:26] Vicky M: 10000 = 200 lots
[13:26] Shai C: yes about 200
[13:26] Vicky M: at 5247 its about 200 lots i guess
[13:26] Shai C: but we note the speed of the exceution
[13:27] Shai C: It's a computer program which will sweep all the bids or the asks there
[13:27] Jiignesh  -: only 200??? shai believe me 100lot is common
[13:27] Shai C: yes I know
[13:27] Jiignesh  -: in my fri group 4-5 traders are regular 100lot trader
[13:28] Pasi C: what is fri group Jiigs
[13:28] Jiignesh  -: friends
[13:28] Pasi C: oh ok 🙂
[13:28] Jiignesh  -: 🙂
[13:28] Shai C: There are traders in this room who do 10,000 lot size in options. They are the quite types
[13:29] Jiignesh  -: yes u told me once
[13:29] Shai C: see that guys how he is playing the thin mkt
[13:29] Shai C: covered near vwap and back
[13:30] Jiignesh  -: big FII the great kris is also in room
[13:30] Pasi C: ok now buying@10740 sl vawap-10
[13:30] Jiignesh  -: good pasi
[13:31] Jiignesh  -: give me 10810 baki aap rakh le na
[13:31] Shai C: now Bn can go up as USDINR down
[13:31] Jiignesh  -: OMG inr bleeding
[13:32] r m: not INR Jiignesh, the blood is from USD 🙂
[13:32] Jiignesh  -: oh r m thanks
[13:32] Jiignesh  -: i wrote oppo
[13:33] Jiignesh  -: @vicky hat jao aab hamari savari aa rahi heeee
[13:33] Pasi C: if one bought @ vwap that must be a good trade
[13:34] Jiignesh  -: that one is only KRIS
[13:35] Pasi C: 🙂
[13:35] Jiignesh  -: bye all
[13:35] Jiignesh  -: see u later
[13:36] r m: bye
[13:36] Rahul Goel: shai can u adjust the crude chart not able to see the buyer and seller
[13:37] Rahul Goel: hmm thanks
[13:39] Pasi C: ok bought at 713  now will add abv 730
[13:45] Pasi C: yellow line protected
[13:46] Pasi C: may be buyer hesitating since its friday
[13:54] Vicky M: Friday the 13th 🙂
[13:56] r m: lol
[13:58] Pasi C: [13:54] Vicky M: Friday the 13th 🙂   what is this
[13:58] Vicky M: todays date and day
[13:58] r m: 😀
[13:59] Pasi C: why its imp
[13:59] r m: NF did 80% at last
[14:00] r m: @Pasi, Fridays know for upheavals and 13th is an unlucky number in west 🙂
[14:00] r m: *known
[14:00] Dr Bansal *: Rahul,crude have resistance at $89 and immediate supp. at $84.
[14:01] Sreeram N: were is Kris ?? I think again bottomfishing Kris
[14:01] Pasi C: ok even pie means same so
[14:01] Sreeram N: Krish
[14:02] r m: @SN, guess he is not in the room, but he was planning to buy at PDL
[14:03] Sreeram N: were is PDL ??
[14:03] r m: 5229
[14:03] Sreeram N: kk
[14:03] Sreeram N: thanks rm
[14:03] Rahul Goel: yes DR
[14:03] r m: welcome
[14:03] Sreeram N: I bought one lot at ppo
[14:03] Rahul Goel: I feel it s trading in 4820 and 4700 band
[14:04] Sreeram N: & I will buy second @ PDL
[14:04] Rahul Goel: once above 4820 should move upto 4900
[14:07] Jiignesh  -: shai what was sl of BN day low?
[14:07] Shai C: yes
[14:07] Jiignesh  -: sucking nlood
[14:07] Jiignesh  -: blood
[14:08] Shai C: yes
[14:08] r m: 2ib
[14:08] Jiignesh  -: omg
[14:08] Jiignesh  -: falling knife
[14:09] Dr Bansal *: breakout above 89 dollars take crude to 100 dollars.
[14:10] Jiignesh  -: @dr petrol 100 karaaoge kya?
[14:11] Dr Bansal *: iran factor is always there.
[14:11] Shai C: hdfc news
[14:11] Jiignesh  -: what
[14:12] Bipin N: whats the news Shai
[14:12] Jiignesh  -: result !
[14:12] Shai C: HDFC Bank 1Q Net Profit INR14.17 Bln
[14:13] Shai C: 5228 hit
[14:13] Jiignesh  -: plz no more bounce
[14:14] Dr Bansal *: nifty sell signal coming.
[14:14] Jiignesh  -: BN sell at bottom
[14:14] Jiignesh  -: 🙂
[14:20] Jiignesh  -: look at inf
[14:20] Jiignesh  -: 'inr
[14:30] Vicky M: looks like 5228 will hold
[14:35] Shai C: 10600 algo
[14:36] Sreeram N: Shai can we sell Nifty or any sell below level
[14:36] Shai C: sell below is 5225 now
[14:36] Sreeram N: k
[14:38] Vicky M: Shai back in Vwap, and above PDL? may touch iBLOW again?
[14:39] Shai C: abv IB;low gives a chance for vwap again
[14:40] Shai C: action is still contained within yesterday's range
[14:41] Vicky M: [14:30] Vicky M: looks like 5228 will hold
[14:41] Shai C: 🙂
[14:41] Vicky M: though i didnt make any popcorns lol
[14:41] J C: 🙂
[14:43] Shai C: Only Kris has a liking for popcorn, I would prefer the salted nuts instead
[14:44] Vicky M: lol
[14:44] r m: 🙂
[14:44] Sreeram N: Shai Kris want everything from popcorn to buffet
[14:46] Vicky M: BNF IB trade?
[14:47] Shai C: yes
[14:47] Shai C: that algo at 10600 doing the trick
[14:47] Vicky M: bnf vwap shud give resistance cos by that time nifty iblow will reach(which will give res)
[14:48] Vicky M: probably a buy algo ?
[15:07] r m: merged profiles of last five weeks – courtesy trial period Final tools 🙂
[15:08] Shai C: Really nice RM
[15:08] r m: Thanks Shai
[15:08] J C: grt stuff rm…
[15:08] Shai C: and the data is from your ODIN
[15:08] r m: Thanks JC
[15:08] Vicky M: great rm
[15:08] r m: yes, data is from IIFL TT
[15:09] Shai C: super
[15:10] Sreeram N: rocking rm
[15:11] J C: rm..u r the beehive of data mining:-)
[15:11] r m: lol
[15:12] r m: @Shai, looking at the profiles, it appears that we may pay a fleeing visit to 5150-5180 area too?
[15:12] r m: to balance the week beginning 25th June I mean
[15:15] Shai C: yes that's the possibility I was discussing with ST yesterday
[15:15] r m: ok, thanks
[15:15] Shai C: an auction in the low volume 5180- 5280 zone
[15:15] Shai C: as 5200 has more time premium now
[15:18] Sreeram N: Shai wat can be monday's opening ??
[15:19] Shai C: slightly up from here is what I feel now
[15:19] Sreeram N: k can take any NF overnight
[15:19] Shai C: don't be very short as POC is up on this move down
[15:20] Sreeram N: long
[15:20] Shai C: not recommending
[15:20] Sreeram N: k
[15:22] Vicky M: BNF IB trade again ?
[15:25] J C: rs took quite a dip on tat trade deficit data…made a neat 35p…
[15:25] Shai C: cool
[15:25] J C: yup..tx
[15:25] Vicky M: Natural gas movement is weird
[15:28] Shai C: yesterday there was a big drop in nat gas
[15:28] Rahul Goel: yes vicky
[15:28] Rahul Goel: i have been caught ont he wrong side twice yesterday
[15:29] Rahul Goel: and movement is very fast
[15:29] Rahul Goel: had*
[15:30] Pasi C: bye all .Happy weekend
[15:30] Vicky M: bye all have a great weekend
[15:30] Shai C: 5240/ 10617
[15:30] Pasi C: 10617/5240
[15:30] Shai C: bye all
[15:30] r m: Thanks and bye all, have a great weekend 🙂
[15:30] J C: bye folks!!
[15:30] Rahul Goel: bye all
[15:31] Shai C: Have a great weekend all
[15:31] Sreeram N: Bye all

Trading room today

The market put in another DD ( double distribution  today with the upper bell not complete and requiring more auction in tomorrow's session.


An explanation of a DD can be found here-




Expecting the market to make highs nearer to the open tomorrow and maybe consolidate or pull back a bit again tomorrow to check for unfinished business at 5330- 40.


Today's buyers should come back to defend prices should we come near 5330 tomorrow. Failure to do so will put it back in the balance and run the risk of re visiting 5290 and even 5265 again.


The BN turned in a big performance today and yesterday's strength where it refused to break PDL materialized in big gains today..


Like the NF, the profile requires filling up near the top.

Incomplete DD