Month: August 2019

In the year 2016, our portfolio graph surged 124% through the year in a period of down, then up and then sideways markets.


In the first 2 months of the year when the markets were mostly down in Jan and Feb our Portfolio returned 23.5 % and 18.5% respectively. In a market which went up in March, we clocked a third straight win of 26.4%. Our best performance came in the Month of June when the market moved a narrow 387 points only ( lowest range of the first 6 months) and we clocked 30.9% in that month. Towards the end of the year especially in Nov, we had a few trades go wrong as the twin effects of a Trump Win and Demonetization, both exogenous events, played out a 500 point up- down range in 3 sessions and we gave back 24% to the market.


But in Summary, the year went well for the team at Vtrender and we are happy with the 124% on our model portfolio of 10,00,000/- we started with on Jan 1 2016. That portfolio is at 22,39,743 /- as the year drew to a close.


Our Belief is in Market Profile. It works in all kinds of Markets whether going up or down and even sideways. We also strongly believe in our risk management setups which allow only 3% risk for every trade and allow Time and the System to do the rest. There are very simple rules to trade the market. First is to define your risk and Vtrender believes in knowing the amount beforehand like 30,000 in our case for our 10 L model and then allowing Time for the market to do the rest. In fact, this is a business where you do not make Time your enemy and Market Profile is well known for documenting the importance of Time, Volume and Price. We have lived and breathed on those principles taught to us and are happy with where we are with it.

The Right setup + Proper Position Sizing + Correct Money Management= Growing Account


 January Series :


Summary :

  1. Total trades – 16
  2. Win-loss ratio – 11 W- 5 L
  3. Total gains in the Month – 2,80,770/-


February Series :


Summary :

  1. Total trades – 20
  2. Win-loss ratio – 13 W- 7 L
  3. Total gains in the Month – 1,89,625/-

March Series :


Summary :

  1. Total trades – 27
  2. Win-loss ratio – 18 W- 9 L
  3. Total gains in the Month – 2,64,165/-


April Series :


Summary :

  1. Total trades – 17
  2. Win-loss ratio – 9 W- 8 L
  3. Total gains in the Month – 91,275 /-


May Series :


Summary :

  1. Total trades – 17
  2. Win-loss ratio – 9 W- 8 L
  3. Total gains in the Month – 1,29,965 /-


June Series :


Summary :

  1. Total trades – 22
  2. Win-loss ratio – 15 W- 7 L
  3. Total gains in the Month – 3,09,340 /-


July Series :


Summary :

  1. Total trades – 15
  2. Win-loss ratio – 9 W- 6 L
  3. Total gains in the Month – 93,525 /-


August  Series :


Summary :

  1. Total trades – 12
  2. Win-loss ratio – 9 W- 3 L
  3. Total gains in the Month – 32,430 /-


Sept Series :


Summary :

  1. Total trades – 14
  2. Win-loss ratio – 11 W- 3 L
  3. Total gains in the Month – 1,81,325 /-


Oct Series :


Nov Series :


Dec Series :


Notes :

The performance report is on a 10L model, is only for swing and positional calls and is not- compounded. The effort here is to show how a good trade location marked with a well-researched  entry point and a proper exit point along with correct position sizing and trade management are important for the growth of an account.

We do not risk more than 3% in Nifty trades and trade BNF Futures and Options with a 4% risk ( exception made only for BN) . We also do not add back the profit to the capital account for trading and every month we would stay with a 10L model to begin the month irrespective of what happened in the previous month.

The position size depends on the Stop loss we have at the time of trade entry. So for 100 points of risk in the Nifty, we will go with 4 lots and for 200- 230 points of risk in the BankNifty, we maintain 6 lots. If the SL is higher in the setup then we scale down the lot size and if the SL is less the lot size increases. In Nifty options for a risk of 30 points in the setup we would go with 14 lots and in BNF for a risk of 80 points, the lot size is about 16.

Vtrender Performance Register 2016

Our Belief is in Market Profile and in Order flow. 

The Market Profile is a unique charting tool that enables traders to observe the two-way auction process that drives all market movement.  The Market Profile will guide traders through a new understanding of the market that will allow them to identify the most profitable trade opportunities as they happen.

The Order flow is used to pinpoint the accuracy for entries and the exits. It is the most advanced system for execution of trades and the purest format of Demand and Supply .

If the markets move a 100 points in a day, a traditional technical analysis would give you 100 different “levels” and the “level” of one analysis would be different from the “level” of another. Order flow is the only real time indicator which can show you the correct levels to enter or exit trades allowing a trader to eliminate many mistakes and trade only quality calls. 

We take a lot of trades Live in the Trading Room, which also has Order flow  and Market Profile charts live . We do not risk more than 1% of our capital per intra day trade and more than 3% for a positional trade. These rules of money management are essential for the long term benefit of the account. A detailed primer on how to trade as a professional trader would, is sent in the welcome kit when you subscribe to Premium . 


It is not possible for us to put all the trades we take here on this sheet , but here are a few we send to our private Slack channel. Do remember the trading room has many many more and the trades below are just a fraction of the work we do in the Vtrender Trading Room.


This page will be updated with trading positions taken through 2019. From the 15th of March 2019 we moved to a new system of trading with our bots “Heatseeker” and “Alerto” . These are system signal trades below sent to our Slack channel.


The positions traded in 2018 are at –

The positions traded in 2017 are at –

The positions traded in 2016 are at –


 Net from Match 15- 2019 

Graph Vtrender Performance Register 2019

Oct :


Oct 19 Vtrender Performance Register 2019

Sept :


Sept 2019 Vtrender Performance Register 2019



Aug :


Aug Perf Vtrender Performance Register 2019

July :


Tradesheet Jul2019 768X668 1 Vtrender Performance Register 2019

June :


June Perf 768X842 1 Vtrender Performance Register 2019



May :


May Trades 768X579 1 Vtrender Performance Register 2019


March –


Perf 768X211 1 Vtrender Performance Register 2019


April :


Apr Trades 768X612 1 Vtrender Performance Register 2019

Vtrender performance register 2019