A QNA on the Trading Room

The concept of the Vtrender Mentoring Room is explained here. But over the years we have received quite a few questions on what we do. Listed below are a few common questions. If you have more then feel free to write in at contact@vtrender.com.

2 1 A Qna On The Trading Room

We are an online community of traders and for traders who trade the markets every day in the NF and the BNF along with Options. This we do with our customized charts and the concepts of MarketProfile which we share openly with the community. You can call it a live seminar in a moving market with real-time comments on the action and live charts.

The sharing is done through a unique desktop sharing tool which enables you to see the same charts as us. So armed with the same set of charts, our community can visualize better what we are talking about.

Yes. There is a quick real-time 2-way mode of communication in the room with zero lag

No, we are not.

We work with charts which we have created ourselves.

We don’t claim to sell charts and neither are we a vendor for  the charts we show in the Trading room

Yes, you can. We start you off with a welcome kit, which has videos in easily understandable language on Market Profile as well as the Orderflow. These videos will take you through the concepts and the various setups of the Market Profile and you would be as good as the others within a few sessions. 


It’s hard to put a price tag on learning and improving skills.

We make sure the value we deliver is very high

We have 3 subscription plans – A monthly for INR  19999/-, a quarterly for INR 49999/– and an annual plan for INR 149999/-. The charges are inclusive of GST. Details are at – https://vtrender.com/pricing/

We are a Trading Room and Live in the market at all times. We trade often and quick. We currently are not measuring the quantum of trading we do, but yes if you are an active trader and looking to trade, you won’t be disappointed.

Yes, and No. We keep one to measure the edge of our system, but in the Trading Room we take so many trades that it is not possible to document all of them. It won’t be a complete record , and that would not speak for what we do. Besides sending buy and sell trades is just 10% of what we do. 

Yes. Your capital should be good enough to meet all the margin requirements for selling options also. We trade in buy side and sell side options also. We insist on a minimum capital requirement of 5L 

The 10 L quoted is just a metric to understand position sizing which we consider as important as a good entry and exit in a trade. You can trade our calls in any smaller size also. The size we use often is between 4-6 lots in NF and BNF and 10- 20 lots in Options

The lot size depends on the SL of the trade and a fixed 1 % of risk in the trade . Hence if SL is less the trade quantity is more and with a bigger stop, the size reduces. We will send you the details to get the right position size in your welcome kit

We require you to go through all the documents and links we send in the welcome kit and hence a new subscription is started off at the Open of the next working sessions. We do not start you off in market hours and the welcome kit is dispatched after an existing session is over


This one below is a 5 minute Time Frame chart of the Buying and the Selling.

3 34 A Qna On The Trading Room

We also have a 30 min version of the same

The charts are displayed for the NF and the BNF


www.vtrender.com  is free of cost and you can view charts, analysis at no cost

The website charts and analysis of Market profile is free to use for life. It shows the depth of our analysis with daily posting of levels

The trading room is a level 2 product of proprietary market profile and orderflow strategies.       

You have to be a premium member to view these strategies in a live market. 

We would have loved to give you a trial except that we give access to our proprietary trading strategies and full access to the Training Library on Day 1 when you start.

It is bundled with the plan and without it the trading Room will not be a measured experience for people new to the concept

Vtrender is a Trading Room for active Traders. It is not a Buy Here and Sell There Service.


We put out trades for our members, but that is only to understand better what we do.

Infact, sending trades is just 10% of what Vtrender does.


It definitely will take time.

Don’t expect to learn the huge variables in the market in a month or even a quarter.

But a month is a start and as long as you do not expect to be a master in a month, you should be fine

That depends on the amount of ” active time ” you give to the learning process

The other traders have benefited because they have been here before you.

Besides everyone has a different learning curve.

Levels of understanding the same thing are often different. 

It definitely will take time.

Don’t expect to learn the huge variables in the market in a month or even a quarter.

But a month is a start and as long as you do not expect to be a master in a month, you should be fine

The chart above  is just an example of the charts we have.

You can find more at – https://www.vtrender.com/features/

We send you orientation videos and a full welcome kit to understand not just these charts but also the strategies to be adopted for these charts. 

The training Library has upto 15 hours of strategies for you to trade just about any kind of market.

Our belief is that the market is too complex to fit it into 1 or 2 strategies for every day of the week and month. We have to be versatile. 

The training library lays a foundation. The actual learning happens live in the room