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Nothing Teaches Us Better Than Our Own About Us

They say in the financial markets Money meets Experience and then Experience meets Money. 

When the man with the money, meets the man with the experience, the man with the experience ends up with the Money and the man with the money gets the experience.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Experience is indeed the biggest teacher. Our effort at Vtrender is to shorten your learning curve by supplying our experience to help you not go through the mistakes a Trader does when he first starts with Trading the markets.

We are now in our 12th year with the Vtrender Trading Room.

The room was always intended to be a Live seminar with the objective of taking questions Live in a moving market and plotting trades and spotting opportunities as the market moved. We have been doing this since 2009, every single day, talking about the market and viewing it through the prism of Market Profile and OrderFlow.

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We are amongst the earliest adopters of Market Profile and OrderFlow here in India. This is today, our domain and whilst we are seeing it increasingly becoming a buzz word, I’m frankly appalled at the quality of material available especially on OrderFlow. We have never shied away from the use of technology or hesitated to use our experience in these markets to clear an edge for us in an increasingly competitive Trading world. We realized that the markets, especially in the shorter form, have changed a lot of post-2007 and today’s algo driven markets require more competitive strategies.

At Vtrender our purpose has always been education. We neither sell indicators nor charting services. The Trading Room has been a daily class where you participate and ask questions. And it always has been an all day long program and not the one hour kind of webinars you see often where they talk about a chart from 2 months back and an analysis to back it. Everything is perfect in hindsight and if only the markets could reward us for the great hindsight!! But the truth has always been about how you respond to the markets in real-time, ‘cos the markets and the opportunity do not wait for anyone. But we also understand that some people need more than a class. They need experience. We are there to walk you through a situation you may not have seen before.

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Our domain has been always MarketProfile and OrderFlow and there is a huge difference between working with Vtrender and Others. For one, we are interested in ensuring that you get the education needed to succeed in these markets. And two, we are there with you to ensure that the education we talk about is adapted appropriately to a Live Market Situation and daily. There is a huge gap between what people are taught and what they learn experience-wise. We will help you connect the dots.