Market Profile Terminology

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What is the Market Profile?

The Market Profile approach is to plot Price, Volume and Time together on one chart. Price is measured on the vertical or Y axis and Time is measured on the horizontal axis. The interaction of Price and Time creates Volume which is measured on the chart directly.

The Market Profile is a 3-dimensional approach to trading the markets. Historically only price has been used to graph market activity and we see this in the traditional bar and candlestick charts which are common amongst traders.

This detailed examination through a Market Profile chart can allow traders to cut losses, decrease risk and increase the chances of profitability in their trading.

The Market Profile charts are available for a view in the Vtrender Trading Room. You can see the charts Live in the working hours of the exchange with zero delays. Interpretation and Analysis of the chart in a  Live Market Situation is done by active traders and  you can also see how they utilize the information to make live trades With the information as it develops.

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A bit more on the Market Profile with the Terminology


The market profile recognizes five distinct types of individuals who operate in the markets. These are a) Scalper, b) Day trader, c) Short-term player, d) Intermediate-term player, e) Long-term player. Each of these individuals have a perception which they bring to the market and this perception helps move the markets. The scalper and the day trader are responsible for maintaining the liquidity of the markets.


The perception which all of the above-mentioned players bring to the markets after the bid-ask process helps build what we call “value”. Value is different for each of the mentioned players and they will move the price up or down depending on this perception. For example, if the intermediate term seller thinks that the market is overpriced he will jump in to move price down. On a daily timeframe, the period where 70 % of the volume action takes place is defined as the value area. Similarly, we have a weekly and a monthly value area.

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The Market Profile approach to Trading is discussed extensively with Live Market Analysis  in the Vtrender Trading Room. We have a large community of Market Profile Traders who  come together to watch the Market profile charts and discuss trading strategies for intraday and positional trading based on the information provided by these unique market profile charts.

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