Power your trading with MarketProfile and Orderflow- Mumbai Dec10,11

How to get better at the business of trading the markets.

2 days live in Mumbai on a weekend- December 10th and 11th

Join me in Mumbai on Dec 10th and Dec 11th  and I will love to talk to you about the way I trade and the process I follow.

I work with Market Profile and follow a revolutionary method of trading called the Orderflow .

I’ve seen a lot of traders struggle in the markets, and it is only because they adopt a lot of randomness in the way they approach the markets.

If you only know what not to do, you are 50% better than most other traders in the markets. To this “know what not to do” add the knowledge of ” know what to do ” and you are set for a long term journey in the markets.

I’ll be explaining to you what you should not be doing

I’ll also tell you what you should be doing as a process so that you cut the randomness in your trading.

This is called working with a process. 

Only through a process you can create long term wealth in the markets.

What’s included?

  • 2 days with me on MarketProfile and Orderflow
  • Concepts available on video for a month post workshop
  • Orderflow basics and advanced explained
  • Full access to Orderflow methods not available anywhere 
  • Strategies explained on MarketProfile
  • Orderflow entries and targets explained
  • Working process with logic
  • Homework preparation for market open
  • Post workshop access given to Training Library for 1 month
  • One month Live hand holding in the Vtrender Trading Room 
  • Live trading in the Room with examples taught in the workshop for practical implementation
  • Total 2 days + 30 days hand holding included in cost
  • Support in a live market post workshop
  • GST included
  • Live mentoring room details at – https://www.vtrender.com/trading-room/
  • Training library details at – https://www.vtrender.com/traininglibrary/

The Investment in your trading will be....

INR 39999/- all inclusive 

Timings are 10.30 AM to 6.00 PM on Sat​ DEC 10th​ –  and 10.00 AM to ​4​.00 PM on Sunday- ​DEC 11th

  • Cost Includes One Month Free access to the Vtrender Trading Room – an INR 1​9​999/- per month Product .
  • Cost Includes One month free access to the Training Library – an  INR 20750/- per month Product

Details of the Vtrender Trading Room are at – https://vtrender.com/trading-room/


Bonus session on 'Mindset of a Derivatives Trader' on day 2

The Traders at Vtrender are successful, not just because they have a great trading system and a good trading community but because of our emphasis on adopting the right mindset to trade the markets.

Your thought process and the energy you bring to your process is as important as the process you follow.

Everything in life happens twice. First in your thoughts and then in your life.

Don’t miss this important session on how you can tune into a big change in your future trading self.

We walk you through what you need to change and adapt to have the right edge in trading the markets.

You + System = Growing trading account

Conditions and Pre-requisites

  • Seats are Limited.
  • Prior knowledge of MarketProfile and Orderflow is not required.
  • Package is for 2 days + 30 days in the Live Trading Room 
  • Trading Room is Online and User Id and Passwords will be provided on Sunday after the workshop
  • Access to the Vtrender Training Library will be provided on Sunday after the workshop
  • Please make your own accommodation arrangements if travelling from outside the city
  • Workshop lunch is included in the ticket cost for both days 
  • Stationary for taking notes will be provided
  • Please bring along your own laptops and a working net connection.
  • More details will be provided post sign up.
  • For any inquiries connect over whatsapp to Manoj 9284331270