Trading Room

Trade Nifty Options and BankNifty Options in Real Time with our Proprietary Orderflow charts and with Live analysis and Live Trades

Vtrender offers a dedicated trading room for all active traders, with 2 charts of current month Orderflow Futures, 2 expanded charts of the NF and the BNF running our proprietary OrderFlow software which detects big players and institutions as well as Smart money hunting at Market Tops and Bottoms. Plus access to Real Time Market Analysis and Market Profile + Orderflow charts and 24 x6 Slack access and history of previous sessions including chat and previous charts at our private blog.

You also get access to the Training Library which has our Trading Setups theoretically explained + VIP access to all our Live webinars during your subscription period. You have access to Market Profile Real time charts and an active Market Profile community on Slack  . The Live webinars would be on trades taken in the room with Trading setups explained from the Training Library via examples.

Technical analysis is done Live in the room as the stock-market moves. We discuss the basics of price action trading and volume profile trading for all participants from starters/ freshers to experienced. The Trading Room is the best real time resource to see actual execution of Market Profile and Orderflow concepts Live during Market Hours . 

The Vtrender Trading Room Package includes:-

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Trading is what happens for us – not to us.

We show you a way to remain in control at all times. We are not here to solve your problems in trading, but to deal with what creates the problem in the first place.

We are big believers in growth. There are many paths to growth and we certainly do not have the delusion that our way is the only way- but we are here to be a path for someone else

You can use our experience to better your decision making. It is the perfect win- win. Nothing succeeds like experience

We are inviting you to push your self – to go beyond. Push the buttons below and enter a whole new world on the other side 

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Monthly Plan

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Our Terms and Other Conditions.

We don’t put up a performance register, because it is extremely profitable and we don’t want people to join us only for calls. This is not a Buy here, sell there service but an investment in your trading future. If you can’t invest in yourself, this is not the place for you to be!

We give you complimentary access to our training Library and our trading setups. These are a proprietary work . Refunds are not possible because of this complimentary access. 

We have received a few common questions on what we do and you can review them here –

Please allow us 2-4 hours to process your login and passwords. May take more time on weekends. New subscriptions are not started when the current session is in trading mode and begin only at 9.00 am the next working session.

Please do not ask for trials as the trading room technology makes the process of generating a password for a few days unviable. Also without the welcome kit (which is mailed to every new subscriber), you would not be able to understand our charts and nomenclature.

Your subscription with us includes the cost of sharing our knowledge and chart ideas and concepts as well as the cost for your login and the unique password which is a fixed cost. Under the circumstances, we will not be able to process any demands for a cancellation or a refund etc., at whatever stage you are in the subscription.