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Data from broking firms and trader groups show that 95% of trading accounts end up with huge losses and have their capital burn’t by the close of the year!


Imagine your self going to play PRO grade cricket with Virat Kohli and the team and all you have played so far is gully cricket, what are the chances of you being able to compete with them?

We decided to arm our community with tools, the professionals use to make trading decisions. Now the field is more even, as the trader now is armed with hi- tech weapons to trade better.

The Training Library is designed not just to arm you with the right tools to trade with other Professionals of the trading world, but also to cut down your learning curve by a few years!

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This full course plan would show you how to interpret market behavior, read the information from price and Volume  and strategize based on what the market is telling you.

Professionals trade the market, not their view of the market.

The Training Libraray is FREE ACCESS with every Vtrender Trading Room subscription Plan.

The Training Library will help buid a foundation for you on the way to trade the markets as a professional trader would.

The Trading room will show you how to build on this foundation by using these same strategies in a live market environ.

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Lesson 1

Dow, Merrill, Gann, Eliott and Wycoff are the original titans of technical analysis.
But the trading world of today especially the short term, has evolved a lot in the past 100 years. Is your foundation right to take on the challenges of today’s markets?
Build a foundation to stay profitable in markets in video lesson 1

Lesson 2

The auction process is a clean way to trade today’s faster markets.
Auction market theory, now called the Market Profile is a 3-dimensional approach to markets focusing on the elements of Price, Time and Volume.
Using a combination of all 3 you gain a significant edge to trade the markets

Lesson 3

To win in the markets you have to have an Edge.

An Edge could be yourself, your trading system, your environment or a mentor. With no edge, you are a laggard and laggards do not make money. You have to be in the early majority.
One of the cleaner ways to do that is to understand the open of the day

Lesson 4

Information keeps flowing in the market.
Data keeps evolving. The professional has an eye on all incoming information and makes trading decisions off them. He is ready to make changes .
One of the cleaner ways to identify change is Range Extensions

Lesson 5

Often the market will make false moves to trap people into wrong trades.
Using MarketProfile , you can easily identify a clean move from a fake .
This strategy will show you how to not be trapped in false moves

Lesson 6

There are different seasons in a year and there are different kinds of sessions on the markets.
The professional would know about day when he sees it.
This strategy shows you how to identify sessions.

Lesson 7

Sometimes there are nimble changes to the flow of the markets bringing a change often difficult to decipher.
There are some strategies for this kind of moves which will help enlighten the right tools to use to trade them
This video walks you through.

Lesson 8

An opener to the awesome world of orderflow trading.
In this video we explore why today’s markets need order flow and the reason to employ order flow charts to make better decisions.
Orderflow is an X-Ray of the markets. Illustrated is the “why” of an order flow chart

Lesson 9

We take a deep dive into the world of order flow and break the numbers down to show you a picture of how to easily read the information flowing from the markets.
There are patterns to market behavior and the numbers do not lie .Orderflow is executed quantities of traders who have a say in the functioning of the markets

Lesson 10

There is information in the markets and then there is specific strategies to adopt for the information flowing through the markets. Infact without a strategy in place, most of the information may come across as meaningless.
We are the earliest adopters of this Orderflow strategy described in this video and it is proprietary to the work we do at Vtrender.

Lesson 11

A proper system of trading functions as an automatic gate which knows you and is designed to keep the unknown out acting as an effective filter against the unwanted.
In this video, we build upon what is known to us through videos 9 and 10 and perfect a system to understated the info coming at you more cleanly. The video adds all the moving parts up.

Lesson 12

0 (zero) is a number, and the numerical digit used to represent that number as a digit, 0, is used as a placeholder in place value systems.
In Orderflow we have specific systems developed around this and they give us both a meaning to the end of auctions as well as continuation patterns in the markets we trade in. Find out more about this potent strategy in the video.

Lesson 13

The first in a series of 3 sessions which clears some myths around the Orderflow and projects a holistic view of the approach required whilst trading the Orderflow.

Lesson 16

The final chapter in the #Orderflow series brings together all the elements of the Orderflow eliminating noise from the tape and focussing on the Voice of the market.

Lesson 14

In this second session we look at the optimal entry point for the pattern developing, we identify the stop loss we need to maintain and also the objective of the setup ..

Lesson 15

In the last of the series, we use a QC - Quality Control parameter to evaluate the trading opportunity which has presented itself. We rate it as good, very good and excellent..